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Whats so great about college recruit videos anyway?

Updated: Feb 12, 2021

College Recruit Videos are a huge part of the marketing process for softball athletes. What all players MUST do is get in front of college coaches, so they get exposure, and/or evaluations of skill development and athleticism. No doubt for some this can be achieved at camps.

However, a professional video can showcase an athlete's best attributes immediately and anywhere in the country. Almost all athletes at some point will be asked if they have a video.

At the 2018 NFCA Convention in Chicago, I attended a Travel Ball Summit in which five college coaches sat on a panel and discussed what's essential in the recruiting process. Videos were mentioned more than once, and one coach made it very clear that a nice looking professional video was preferred and a plus.

And why wouldn't it be? Can you send iPhone shots of players in games to coaches, well sure but a coach's time is money, so you only get a few seconds to gain their interest. This is hard to do with shaky, lo-grade home videos.

What you want to do in my opinion is hit them quick with something impressive that casts player is a positive light --grab their attention and then memorize them with smooth skills on the dirt. That's the impression you want to have!

Beyond recruiting, there are other ways these videos have tremendous value. They are a snapshot in time for the athlete. Whether used for a family keepsake or maybe just an evaluation tool for parent, player and coach, these frozen in time video memories will last and hold value for a lifetime.

That's why I am so passionate about creating the best ones on the market. Its more than just a video to send to a college coach, its more like a portrait and I am the photographer doing my best to make everyone look their best!

Contact me if you have any questions about videos or recruiting in general, always here to help!

Coach JB

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