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Why Do Good Takes Matter?

Having good takes is essential to being the best hitter you can be. If you are having good takes then you are preparing yourself for success. So what is a good take?

Important to understand that if your going to be on time, especially with higher level pitching you need to get your swing started well before the ball is released from pitchers hand. So getting started involves your rhythmic elements as well as initiating your lower half and part of the hand action of the swing --depending on how deep the pitch gets before you decide not to commit to ball.

I clipped this video to show what a good take might look like ---this is a actual swing but the point is a good take will look like a swing up to point when hitter changes mind.

Here is Donaldson taking a pitch, notice If was to stop this clip before ball enters screen you would have assumed he took a swing, and thats the point. Great hitters prepare to hit every pitch and then change their mind at some point if they decide its not what they were looking for.


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